We are seeing so much marble everywhere at the moment, more so than usual. It’s always around and has been around since the beginning of time, but what is becoming more and more interesting, is the way that we use the marble and the applications. We are seeing it being translated into sinks and even into cabinetry. What is also amazing is that it is being replicated and used in other applications, such as tiles and other man made materials, that give us the marble look for less maintenance.

What is becoming a huge trend and something that I have been seeing a lot of is the same marble and colour being repeated everywhere throughout all applications of the home. This means, splash backs, bench tops, vanities, joinery doors, sinks, basins, tap ware, lighting… and the list continues.

On the shelf today are these amazing sinks from Marble Hub, so many different applications and so many different colours. With the right project, this high end look will be a must!