Techni colour from Di Lorenzo tiles is on the shelf today as our feature product. We are using it in our Five Dock high end Granny Flat new build, which I cannot wait to share more with you.

There are many things I love about Di Lorenzo Tiles, one of them being the incredible team and service, but one of the most important things is the amazing products they stock. I find that they have a great selection in tiles that push the boundaries of the conventional. I think it is so important to have diversity and they surely have that. They are not afraid to introduce amazing patterns, colours that give designers like myself the ability to push the boundaries in our designs and bathrooms. With products that are individual and unique you are then able to create amazing results and high end looks when designing.

Textures, colours, shapes all play a huge role in assisting us bring together a great palette to work with. This means any wet area, bathroom or laundry never has to be dull or boring, it can have it’s own story.

I am thrilled to be using Techni colour TC04 with Flannel Flower Fibonacci terrazzo for this bathroom. We are utilising the Techni colour to not only add colour and texture, but the shape allows us to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

This shape is a play, I believe on the traditional subway and 300 x 600 standard size tiles you see everywhere, by creating a unique colour range that is like a rainbow, adding the very on trend subtle timber line work, you get a winning combination. We are seeing more and more of a this narrow thin size around, which I am really loving. It is simple but interesting at the same time.

We are also matching it with a similar shape in the KIT KAT LUMINOSA mosaic on the long walls to give the space depth and light.

The shape and style also gives you endless possibilities which is something else that I think Di Lorenzo products are great for – versatility. Techni colour can be mixed and matched, laid in many various patterns, the tile world is your oyster.

Stay tuned for reveal photos of the Five Dock bathroom as we approach that stage. I cannot wait!

Would you be adventurous and do something like this in your bathroom?