Session one is up and running, it is live on my You Tube channel as well as Instagram. Session one is a foundation video all about Finding The Home. It is about practical tips and tricks that can assist you in finding the right rental, because let’s be honest, that is half the battle.

I talk about various things, including what is important and what works for us, but most importantly I want to highlight the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to really get an understanding of what you need and how you need it. These things very much dictate where and what you choose to live in. If you understand and have a clear idea or intention of what you are after, it makes the finding job a lot easier. Keep in mind that you may not find all the elements, but some are better than none. That is the reality of the situation when renting is that you will not be able to get everything that you are after, but even if you get two things on the list and if they are the most important things then that is a bonus.


Please share with me your thoughts on the video series or even session one, I would love to hear from you.

Do you have any specific things that you use when looking for rentals? Let me know!

Thanks for tuning into On the Move!