I have conversations daily about products, colours and what to use where. Everyone has their personal preferences, even I do as a designer and most importantly it is essential that when I am working with my clients that I listen to their needs and priorities. I was having a conversation the other day about Matt Black tap ware and why it should be used in this particular powder room. Basically at the end of the day, the selection for this particular powder room is simple and stunning. It is understated in the perfect way, instead of having a 10 different feature elements there are only two. My thoughts and my advice is that the tap ware in this powder room should be matt black. The mirror, tile detailing although predominately white, has charcoal elements and by having matt black tap ware, it will just add that complete contrast to the base colour of the feature tiles, it will stand out all while complementing at the same time. Essentially the palette goes from great to WOW in under 10 seconds. That is not to say that chrome tap ware does not work, it surely does, it is a staple and you cannot go wrong, but at the end of the day as the designer, I am going to tell you what is best.

Despite that, the thoughts around matt black is that it is a fad and that it is going to be gone in 60 seconds. I can assure you, in my opinion, it won’t be. Tap ware companies are just getting started! Trust me when I tell you that there is soooo much more where that came from, there is going to be so much more than just matt black and there already is. A lot of it we cannot actually access in Australia, however in Europe, they are NOT afraid of colour. They make confident and informed decisions based on what they like and love. They never hesitate that something is not worth it because it may not be in style next week.

We will in fact be seeing a lot more of mixed metals as well as timber and other colours coming out. We will also be seeing and already are seeing so much automation, LED light colouring and sculptural like tap ware, bathroom fixtures and shapes that add interest and a point of difference.

All in all, I believe my point is that matt black is not going anywhere, so if you are worried and are wanting to use it, go for it! If it suits your palette and your bathroom then by all means. Also, a hot tip, just because you use matt black in one wet area such as a powder room or ensuite, does not mean that you have to use it everywhere. As long as there is a consistency is shape of tap or overall style, then you are completely fine.

What are your thoughts on matt black? Do you love it? Are you using it in a project at the moment? Let me know by commenting below.