Jeanette Del Zio

B.Des.ID. Hons

You want to make your space feel like home or represent you, but you have no idea where to start? You want to start that renovation but worried you’ll make mistakes? You’re in the right place to get started!

I’m Jeanette or better known as JDZ! I have always been a creative creature at heart, and besides my love of all things interiors I have a passion for theatre, painting, business, healthy living and cooking. I also am a bit of an inner hippy, with an extreme love and passion for yoga.

I have been working in the industry for over 6 years in commercial and residential interiors and officially launched JDZ Designs in 2013 after much demand for my personal approach to consulting and designing home interiors. I am an Interior Architect and the face behind this little business that will inspire you to live your best life by creating a space or home that truly serves you in function, style and health.

I am here to help you love your space, and as corny as it may sound, I truly believe it is the only way to live, as your space, the one you inhabit physically and experience daily is a critical part of creating a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Interiors to me are about creating experience, evoking emotion and fully expressing your personality in a way that allows you to have the lifestyle you dream of! To me it is more than just functionality, I look for the potential beyond the surface to create new possibilities for you and your home.

This is why I see design and construction as an individual journey in bringing the imagined to life. This is where I take your thoughts, feelings or style and turn it into the desired intension. On your design journey through your imagination where we learn, interact and create together so that you too can say that you, love your space.

Your home is part of who you are and it is my mission to not only make your space look good but have it improve your wellbeing. Part of this mission is to spread my love of design in an accessible and relatable way.  My knowledge, design process and building team is what makes working with me a rewarding experience.

I believe in

I believe in collaboration, listening, interpreting, dreaming and problem solving.

I believe in creating awareness and taking risks.

I believe in being a rule and trend breaker.

I believe in honouring what works best for you!

I believe that your home or any space you inhabit is a part of you

I believe homes are a great way to express your personality

I believe the relationship between architecture and human interaction is powerful

Jeanette Del Zio

What I love about Jeanette is her infectious upbeat personality. She is fiercely passionate about interior design. She not only has an eye for texture, colour and design but her strength is in creating a visceral energy within a space to satisfy any clients needs. Don’t hesitate to make an interiors date with JDZ.

Feeling energised and inspired after my first interior design consultation with the brilliant Jeanette. If you need to fall in love with your home again hit this women up for an appointment.

I have had the honour of watching Jeanette grow her business over the years from the bottom up with her passion for design as her driving force. Her enthusiasm is inspiring as she shares her beliefs and creativity with the world. I love the way she pulls together a look in her unique way.