I have been listening to many podcasts at the moment as I spend a lot of time on the road. Winning as the fav, by a long shot is this new one called “Seize the Yay” By Sarah Holloway. It’s SO good! Well, I think so anyway! ( Not sponsored – just truth ) It’s about getting real and getting into the truth behind businesses, health, business journeys, anxiety (dear to my heart), creativity and just finding your YAY! I highly recommend it if you are looking for great down to earth, real conversational podcast. If you are, go ahead and subscribe ASAP!

It is part of the reason why I am back, not only has this been on my to do list since the new site went live 2 years ago, BUT I am finally “Seizing my Yay” getting back to some of the core values of JDZ Designs and what I love to do. That is connecting with people, creating and sharing creativity, my thoughts, my experiences including business ones and putting it out into the world, because I do have a lot that I want to share!

There is no excuse really, so I am not even going to go there for now. I will say that A LOT has happened, so many completed projects, so many new amazing clients, amazing new friends, travelling, discovery of yoga and so many personal changes and challenges happening all behind this designer. What has been constant for some time is my Instagram feed and social media channels, so if you happen to follow, you will then be somewhat up to date. If not, well then you have arrived at the exact right time!

This jazzy journal is back in action and here is what to expect!

ON THE MOVE A new free Mini Series I will be running through Instagram and You Tube. I’ll be sharing what it is all about soon.

FRIDAY WEEKLY posts on everything and anything INTERIORS.

PACKED LUNCH is something I dreamed up. I love to cook and because I am all about healthy lifestyles and creating them for my clients, I want to showcase how I do that for myself in my home. It will also feature a side of Yoga.

BEHIND THE DESIGNER, the name of my old blog is back as a series of monthly posts showcasing PROJECTS. The details, behind the scenes and a “where are they now” kind of scenario. There is SO much that goes into a project, what I do and what my team do is so much more than just interior design. I want to showcase and tell the whole story!

BUSINESS related content, sharing things that I know and have learnt along the way, for all those who need to know they are not alone.

WORKSHOPS have been on the to do list since day dot of this business and they are finally happening. Yes, you read that correctly!

ON THE SHELF is my weekly series on instagram will too be a post about what is on my sample shelves in the studio, showcasing real products being used in real projects.

FEATURES including interviews, podcasts and so much more.

YAY!! I am excited to be back and have this fresh new post part of my not so new website! If you too are happy that I am back and reading this, thank you! Id love for you to comment and share. This journal is more than just about pretty pictures and interiors. Yes, that is what I and ( we ) collectively do but there are many moving parts, which I believe need to be shared in a real and authentic way!