My love hate relationship.

I keep seeing them everywhere! Do you? And I have to say I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. I find that it is more appropriate for creating a really lovely winter look but more so over the last year it has become the ‘it’ thing to have in styling your room. I have decided mid sentence while writing this blogpost that I would much prefer to focus on the positive aspects of the trending “sheep skin,” so here goes! 

They are versatile and can be added to any room or colour palette especially if you are looking to create a real bohemian look. The contrast in materials against leather or plastic occasional or dining chairs is a winning combination. They allow for something that is not so comfortable, warm and inviting. 

It also allows you to create that picture perfect style and I feel they especially look inviting as a rug layered on the floor or in a nursery. 

What do you think about the trending sheep skin? Would you love one in your home?